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Home Staging Oct 15, 2014

How to Sell Properties in the Shortest Time Possible?

As a property realtor, how do you sell an unit like this the fastest? A few weeks ago, Jayson, a property realtor from PropNex Realty, was marketing a 3 bedroom HDB unit and he faced an issue of selling the unit. The unit itself had no problem in terms of location, neighbourhood and asking price. […]

Furniture Rental Aug 26, 2014

Furniture Rental, A Possible Solution for Sliding Rent?

Increasingly, Singapore is seeing the effect of the cooling measures and tightening foreign employment policies on the property market. Not only have property sales transactions been slow moving, the rental markets are also seeing sliding rents. In the rental article published on Singapore’s most popular property listing portal (“Leasing demand hits new high, but rents […]

Home Staging Jul 28, 2014

Home Staging Case Study – Transform Your Property for More Value

Transform Your Property for More Value is easier now with Singapore’s 1st and Only Home Staging Company. In a typical 10 minutes property viewing process, how can you create the most inviting environment for your client to step into? Singapore Furniture Rental (SFR) recently completed another home staging project for an unfurnished private property at […]