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12 Tools for Property Agents to Increase Work Productivity
May 16, 2022

12 Tools for Property Agents to Increase Work Productivity

The creation of online tech tools by serviced-based companies has changed the workflow of many digital marketers, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Because of this, the workload has somehow decreased and tasks become easier to delegate, sort out, and track. But with the variety of tools available out there, a lot of people struggle to find the best tool that will work for the business. Some even jump from one tool to another which means spending money when purchasing the tool and dealing with the transition process which can sometimes be a chore.

If you are a Real Estate Agent, these tech tools for property agents will help you organize your tasks and help you to work effectively as an individual managing a team or as a business owner who is constantly working with a partner. 

Social Media Management Tools for Property Agents

Social Media Management Tools for Property Agents

Let’s start with social media management tools since these are perhaps the most used and needed tools that real estate agents can leverage. In the real estate business, content is king. So, if you are someone who is planning to kickstart your content marketing strategy or are currently in the process of fixing your techniques, these tools will be of great help. Some of it you may be familiar with. 


This is a graphic design platform based in Australia that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, papers, and other visual material. Users can use the templates provided in the app. Canva is a great tool for someone who is not savvy when it comes to graphic design. There are thousands of templates and free elements you can choose from to edit your graphics. The tool is also easy to navigate and it has the option where you can work with a team. 


This is a social marketing platform that integrates all of the major social media platforms. In just a few clicks, you can plan, evaluate, and publish your content, saving you time and helping your company grow. The platforms you can integrate with Later include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok. 

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook’s free Creator Studio dashboard allows social media marketers and content creators to manage their Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles. It combines social media analytics, scheduling, and community administration into one tool.


This tool is a popular, straightforward, and simple-to-use collaboration platform that lets you organize tasks and everything associated with them into boards. It is highly-suggested use for business owners who manage a team and delegates tasks to each team member. Tasks are organized with Trello thanks to its visual presentation of task-tracking and management. 

Chat and Collaboration Tools for Property Agents

Chat and Collaboration Tools for Property Agents


We all know that communication is key when it comes to working with a team. Real estate agents receive almost a hundred calls in a day and their schedules are almost always full. Here are tools you can use to communicate effectively and be always in contact with your clients, workmates, and business partners. 


This business-oriented chat service links users to the information they require. Slack revolutionizes the way businesses communicate by bringing individuals together to work as a single team. You can use this to track the work progress of your team. 


It is a free smartphone communication software you can download. WhatsApp sends messages, photos, music, and video via the internet. The service is quite similar to text messaging services; but, because WhatsApp sends messages via the internet, it is substantially less expensive than texting. You can use this whenever you need to communicate something urgently both local and abroad. 

Email Marketing Tools for Property Agents

Email Marketing Tools for Property Agents

Email is an important marketing tool that is commonly used by salespeople in the real estate industry. When done correctly, email marketing is quite effective. In fact, email newsletters are the most effective content format for securing and nurturing leads. Here are tools you can use to improve your email marketing strategy. 


It is a marketing platform that allows you to manage and communicate with your clients, customers, and other relevant individuals in one place. You can write emails, schedule, and monitor the results of your campaigns in this tool. 


Grammarly is a software that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to correct spelling, and grammar, and detect plagiarism. Use this tool to proofread your email copies before sending them out to your email list. 


This is a note-taking app that allows you to make and organize digital notes, as well as sync them across all of your devices. You may use it as a digital file cabinet to keep track of all your notes, whether they’re content ideas, business strategies, or random thoughts. When you have a sudden burst of ideas for an email copy, you can use Evernote to quickly jot down a draft of that idea and edit it later. 

Documents and Paperwork Tools for Property Agents

Documents and Paperwork Tools for Property Agents


Use Google Docs to write documents, emails, and articles. You can create and modify text documents straight in your web browser with Google Docs—no extra software is required. On top of that, individuals may work at the same time, you can see other people’s changes as they happen, and every modification is instantly saved.


This application is a one-stop shop for taking notes, storing information and data, and managing projects and tasks. It’s a tool where you can study, write, and plan all at once. Whether it is writing documents, making a checklist, or preparing a script to share that your workmates can access, Notion is the way to go.


DocuSign is an electronic signature service that allows you to sign documents and agreements from nearly any device, anywhere in the world. Sending the document to a business partner, client, or coworker and having them sign it digitally is a simple way to sign legal papers when a personal meeting is not possible. It might be contracts or other official documents.


What’s great about these tools for property agents is that you don’t need to purchase them right away because they all provide a free version. This will give you ample time to use the tools and see whether they’re fit to be part of your process before deciding to fully purchase their premium versions. Which among these tools you are using at the moment? How do you find them so far? Let us know by sharing this post with your friends and colleagues on social media!


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