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May 31, 2021

101 Guide To Home Staging

What are some goals you have when selling your home? Fast sales, highest possible price? These are a few common goals that everyone dreams of. But how exactly do you achieve them?


In the old days, agents sold a unit solely based on its size and locations. However, in 1972 an agent realized that she could attract more potential customers by decorating her listing and preparing it for sales. This person is Barbara Schwarz, the founder of home staging. 


If you have been in the industry or market for a while, you might have come across the term Home Staging or Home Makeover being thrown around a lot. 


So What Exactly Is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the process of using furniture and accessories to dress up your home, similar to a show flat. Aiming to draw attention and leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers, be it from listing photos or physical viewing.


You might be thinking, “oh it’s just home decoration.”




Even though there are many similarities between Home Staging and Home Decoration, the 1 key difference is the target audience. Home decoration is all about personal style, the sky blue wall you have painted in the master, or the cute lamp you got from your trip to Japan. 


However, Home Staging is about your potential buyers, so the aim is to make the home appealing to the masses viewing your home. 


You might be thinking if all these are necessary?

Why Should I Stage My Unit?

Sell fast, sell high! Those are the aims of every home seller. To do so, you will need to understand what your audience wants. 


These days we are all looking for something more than a roof over our head. But a forever home that fits the lifestyle we are seeking for. Home Staging can create a more emotional purchase for the buyer, which ultimately generate faster sales and a higher margin for the seller.


According to the latest study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR)2019 Profile of Home Staging report. It says that 25% of buyers’ agents and 22% of sellers’ agents that staged a home increases the offer price by between 1% – 5%, compared to other similar homes on the market that aren’t staged. 

Now reading up till here, you might be looking around your house now. Thinking about whether to stage your home. So let me share with you;


Who is Home Staging For?

If you need to sell your house fast so that you can start purchasing your dream home, 


or you want to push the price up as much as possible…staging is for YOU!


With all the benefits that were mentioned, what more reason do you have to not stage your unit?


Be it that you are selling a cosy apartment in Toa Payoh or a luxury good class bungalow at Sentosa, home staging is for you. With the change in perspective of home buyers, home staging is starting to become a necessity when selling a home. 


If you’re concerned about having too many items at home, making it difficult to stage, don’t worry we will be sharing a few solutions and tips on how to get it done.


If you have read till this point of the blog, you must be eager to find out;

How Do You Start Home Staging? 

Don’t worry, I am here to guide you through step by step. First, let’s break down home staging into 2 segments; Pre-staging and Staging.


The goal of the Pre-Staging phase is to get the unit into its optimal condition for staging. So the very first step will be;


*Drum Roll*


  • Decluttering

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


It might sound boring, but this is the crucial start to any successful home staging. You will be amazed by how different your home will look just by decluttering.


Remove all unwanted items and every personal belonging. A tip on decluttering, take a look at the item and ask yourself, does it belong in that area. 


Remove all personal items as well, like photo frames, kids drawing, awards and certificates. The idea is to help buyers visualize themselves living in your home. So having personal belongings might cause buyers to be distracted and make it harder for them to envision themselves living in your home. 


Remember, you will be moving out after selling your home. So while decluttering you can start disposing or donating items that won’t be of any use in your new home. 


Want a strategy to declutter your home, check out the in-depth guide of how to declutter your home by Budget Dumpster.


  • Cleaning

Photo by Matilda Wormwood from Pexels


Imagine dining in a restaurant and you are seated on a table that is filled with uncleared dishes and leftover food, you won’t be happy and will request another seat. Similarly, you shouldn’t showcase a dirty home to the home viewers.


So get ready to clean like never before. Wipe down every surface, vacuuming the floor, putting away pet supplies and kids’ toys are a few things to do when cleaning your home.


A clean home will suggest to the home viewers that the home was well taken care of, which will, in turn, increase its value.


  • Painting

Photo by Blue Bird from Pexels


Last but not least, painting your home. Gone with the sky blue walls in the kid’s room or the dark green wall in the living area. Those colours might look good to you, but remember that we are trying to attract as many people as possible.


We are going for something more of a neutral colour palette, as it is generally pleasing to all and it provides a “Blank Canvas” for the potential buyers to build their dream home.


Non-Neutral Colours Neutral coloured wall


Some colours that we recommend are beige, white and grey. 


With this the Pre-Staging is complete. Now onto the fun part of home staging…STAGING!


But don’t worry, I’ll run you through the room by room on how to stage your unit. So we are going to start the Staging phase with;


  • The Entryway

Living in Singapore, we understand that not every home is big enough to have an entryway. However, this is a great place to impress any home viewers when they step into your home for those who have one. 


When staging your entry foyer, there is one word that you have to be constantly kept in mind;




With the limited space available, it is important to keep the furniture to a minimum to create a better flow. Therefore, you will want all furniture that is placed to serve a purpose. 


So take some time to think about what you require in your entry foyer. For example, a bench for you to put on your shoes before leaving the home, or a console table for your keys and change. 

After getting the furniture in, you can start decorating the place with a few accessories. Remember, less is more!


  • Living Room

Now onto the biggest area in any home, your living area. The first thing you will need is unfamiliar to many Singaporean households, a rug. 


Rugs are great additions to any living room as they bring warmth and create a clear and defined space for your living area.


Next will be finding the focal point. Without a focal point, you might find your sofa facing the wall. Having a focal point helps direct all the furniture in one direction. A focal point can be a television, featured wall, large painting, or even built-in bookshelves.

Lastly choosing the right size furniture for the area. I know that many of us like a huge L-shape sofa or a big rounded coffee table. However, depending on the size of your living area, having massive furniture might make your unit look small and cramped.


Therefore, choosing the right sized furniture is important.


  • Dining Area

Now onto my favourite spot in any home, the dining area! This is where you will have guests most likely hang out and an intimate place for the candlelight dinner with your partner. 


But firstly…where to place the dining table? Look for any chandelier or light fixture that is right beside the living area, this is a good indication as to where your dining table should be. If there are no unique light fixtures, have your dining area in the middle of the room. While making sure there is ample space around it for movement.


Next will be picking the right size dining table. There are a huge variety of sizes and shaped dining tables out there from a rounded table, 8 seater table to even a foldable table. 

So to pick the right table boils down to one factor, the available space. Having the right size dining table is important as it can be a double edge sword. Having the right table size will flatter the space within your home. However, having it too big will make your unit look cluttered while having it too small will also make your unit seem bare. 


Lastly, dress up your dining table with accessories. You can set up your dining table as though you are expecting guests, with plates, bowls, and cutleries. Or keep it simple with a centrepiece like a bowl of fruits or a potted plant. 


  • Bedrooms

On to your sanctuary, the bedrooms. This is where we want to create a calming and cosy space for you to feel relaxed after a long day of work. So it’s extra important to remove any clutter from these rooms. 


Hide your collection of makeup and store away all the gaming accessories, it’s all about RELAXATION now.




Always use white sheets on your bed, as the bed will be the first thing any viewers see in a room. White sheets will also suggest a clean bedroom, similar to the bedrooms in any hotel. 


Accessorize your nightstand with lamps, photo frames, or books. However, remember that simplicity is key, so keep the items to a maximum of three.


  • Kitchen

We have finally arrived at the kitchen. If you have been staging along with us within this blog, you must be wondering how much more work needs to be done. Well, not to worry as this is the least complicated space to stage.


Firstly, the key thing in all kitchens will be a clean countertop. Remove every item and double, triple-check that the countertop is clear of stains or dirt. If you are still staying within the home during sales, make sure to clean the cooking stove before any viewing. 


Now that we have a clean and empty countertop, it is time to add stuff back in. Wait ~ I know we said to clear everything on the countertop, but stick with me for a minute.


Without Accessories With Accessories


Adding some coloured decor can help give the kitchen a character and makes it more inviting. Our favourite staging accessories for the kitchens are a bowl of fruits, cooking books, and small potted plants.


  • Balcony / Outdoor

Now onto the last but not least area within a home, the balcony / outdoor area. Having an outdoor space/balcony in Singapore is a wonderful luxury. So how do we take full advantage of what we have?


Let’s think about the limitation that we have, which is the size of the space. There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture out there that works with different size balconies. Some options are a 4 seater outdoor table for those who enjoy alfresco dining or the most popular option for a small balcony is a small outdoor table with 2 chairs. 

A tip for those who have smaller balcony space, look for outdoor furniture that is visually lightweight. Bulky furniture will make space appear smaller and more cluttered. Furniture with a slender build like wrought iron, lucite, or foldable pieces is perfect for small spaces.


And that is all for staging! For those who have been following through and doing the staging yourself, congratulations on completing your staging!


For those who do not have the time to do it or think it might be too complicated, don’t worry, we here at Singapore Furniture Rental provide Home Staging services.


We have a huge variety of furniture and accessories on-hand, from King size beds to L-shape sofas. We have it all! Our professional stager will also guide you through the process and make it a hassle-free experience for you. 


Now onto the part, you have been waiting for;


How much does home staging cost


There are many factors to contribute to the price of a staging. Like the size of the home and the number of rooms that you would like to stage.


That’s why here at SFR, we cater your staging investment to what you need. Send in photos/videos of your unit and our professional stager will create a custom proposal for your unit. Home staging packages can start from as low as $588/per month, which includes the staging of living, dining, and master bedroom. 


Well, that is all about Home Staging. As time changes, so do Singapore’s property market. Doing Home Staging might be difficult for some, but it is an investment worth spending. 


Now we are going to finish it off by answering a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) about home staging from our clients;


  1. How do I start?
Submit a form at the bottom of our Home Staging page here and our friendly sales support will get in touch with you regarding the quote within 1 working day.


  1. How long does home staging take?
Home staging will take 2-3 hours on average. The duration is also dependent on other factors such as whether you will be home staging the entire unit or taking on the basic package. It may also take longer for those that engage us for value-added services such as disposal or storage. Disposal and storage services will be done on the same day of staging before home staging commences.


  1. Do you have a showroom to visit?

We do not have a physical showroom. However, we have a comprehensive range of furniture in our online catalogue for your perusal at the comfort of your home.



  • Are we liable for any damages for the furniture items?


We understand that wear and tear happens. The furniture pieces are insured by SFR and the hirer is not liable for the repair cost of the furniture pieces. All you have to do is to inform us of the damages.



  • Does SFR stage owner-occupied units?


Yes, we do stage owner-occupied units. Once we receive pictures, videos, or online property listings, we will be able to do up a non-obligatory proposal after making the assessment.



  • For an owner-occupied unit, there are a lot of furniture pieces in the unit. How do you go about doing home staging?


Once we receive pictures, videos, or the online property listing of your unit, we will assess there and do up a proposal. There will be recommendations on items to store/ dispose of or reuse. The proposal will also include the cost breakdown and the inventory list. Once we send you the proposal, you may want to go through with the owner the list of items they intend to store and the list of items they intend to dispose of. Once we have both lists, we will be able to arrange the necessary logistics needed.


To find out more about SFR home staging click on this link or WhatsApp us at (+65) 9789 8827. Start your home staging journey with us today!


*do we want to add in details that we are also doing disposal and storage