Common Home Staging FAQs

Is your home ready to be shown to home buyers? Not sure if Home Staging will work for you? Find out the answers to the most common Home Staging FAQs: What’s the difference between decorating and staging? While both decorating and Home Staging has a similar objective, that is, to make a home visually appealing, […]

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Quick-Start Guide to Home Staging

Presenting the perfect home to your potential home buyers is essential for a quicker sale. Staging your house is not necessarily complicated nor is it too expensive. Read on for an easy, quick guide on how you can start beautifying your property! Fresh coat of paint For an instant newer look, you can start small […]

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How to Avoid Over Staging

Home Staging can boost your chance of selling houses quicker, yet its also easy to overdo it. Here’s some tips on how to avoid making this mistake that could turn off potential buyers: Avoid Exaggerated Decoration Having plants as indoor decoration is nice, but you certainly don’t need five plant pots in the living room. […]

Home Staging, Property Tips, Style

Common Mistakes in Home Staging

It is crucial for property agents or home owners who wish to sell their property, to have a well staged property that will appeal to potential buyers. The following are some common mistakes in home staging which should be avoided when showcasing a property to customers. Using decors of the same height and proportions  Accessories […]